Best Free AI Tools, Free Content Writing Tools in 2023

Find the best free content writing tools on Freeble. We have hand-picked the best free content writing tools for content writers to make their work simple. Getting the new content idea for blogs and articles is not an easy task and it is not getting any easier with the rising competition and changing content.

If all this feels familiar to you then you are at the right place we have the tools that can help you to come out of your misery. These tools help you, arrange your thoughts and focus on the pain points of the user which you solve through your articles, keeping you inspired with new stories which can help you think with a different perspective and write accordingly.

This list of 5 Top Free Content Writing tools for Bloggers & Writers contains tools for arranging your ideas through notes, getting inspiration, grammar correction, and many more. These are hand-picked by us and are the best in the market, and are loved by our content writing team.

Browse Top Free AI Tools, Free Content Writing Tools Resources in 2023 is much more than a simple paraphraser. It is a comprehensive writing solution package for professional writers, academics, researchers, and marketers to paraphrase text with other words. This paraphrasing tool covers a wide range of different types of writing modes in one place.

By Alfie Noah is an AI-powered rephraser. It rephrases the text with maximum precision and accuracy. It also offers you many paraphrasing modes such as Creative, Anti Plagiarism, Fluency, Academic, Blog, and Formal. This free rephraser tool comes with smart features supported by the most advanced AI algorithms that rewrite the text without changing its original intent

By Alfie Noah

Elephas, a personal AI Writing Assistant for Mac users, is designed and built keeping the writers in mind to improve their productivity while using AI with the main purpose of helping them avoid window switching for using AI.

Elephas is the ultimate writing tool that helps you write emails faster and create professional content in minutes.

Features section:

Write Faster, Write Better

Elephas makes it easy to write emails faster and create professional content with a few clicks. Our AI-powered writing assistant helps you craft perfect emails and content quickly.

Repurpose Content with a Click

Elephas makes it easy to repurpose content with a click. You can quickly turn any piece of content into multiple versions that support multiple languages.

Multiple Languages Supported

Elephas supports multiple languages, so you can easily create content for any audience. Our AI-powered writing assistant helps you craft perfect emails and content quickly in any language.

By Raghu Vamsi

Wordkraft is a free AI content writer that has been considered a game-changing tool. The most advanced artificial intelligence technology, GPT-3, is used to generate well-written, keyword-optimized content for your blog, website, or marketing needs.

Wordkraft AI analyses your topic and generates content that is well-written and optimized for your chosen keywords using GPT-3 artificial intelligence.

Wordkraft AI can help you create content that is well-written and optimized for your chosen keywords, saving you time and money while improving your results. We can overcome writer’s blogs with the help of AI content generation tools. How AI can help you- AI content generation tools can help you create content quickly and efficiently.

This technology has the potential to reduce the amount of time required to create content. AI-generated content is gaining popularity and will continue to do so.

Sentencecheckup as the name suggests checks sentences for any grammatical and structure mistakes that we all do on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter who you are as a human we all are bound to make mistakes.
Sentence checker is the ideal free online grammar checker and rectifier tool that is completely free to use, it not only checks for grammar but will also help you with the structure of the blog or article you are writing and ensure that it makes sense, with your agenda and message in mind.

By Abbas

Sapling is a free AI writing assistant tool ideal for salesforce and customer-facing teams that are in constant conversation with the customers. Sapling is better than bots as chatbots follow a tree-based decision model and can only respond to generic questions. It helps your agents to give a fast and personalized response to customer’s queries and help them accordingly, it is like a free productivity tool.

With Sapling agents can have up to 10 preloaded snippets that they can use and it also retrieves relevant responses from a team knowledge bank and allows agents to respond more quickly to customer’s inquiries by simply clicking on the desired response. Sapling offers integration on a variety of platforms whether it be LinkedIn, intercom, zen desk, or Gmail, sapling works perfectly with every platform.

By Khan

Scibens is one of the best free grammatical error checkers for business content and academic content. It offers the best free tools for improving content quality. A powerful grammar checker has the capability to check grammatical error from 250 types of common error points. It corrects 10 times more mistakes than Microsoft word.

By Zafar

Ginger Software is a free English Grammar and Writing App.
Ginger software is available as Chrome extension & Windows & Add-in for MS Word.
Corrects all your spelling mistakes in one click
Double click to get AI-based synonyms
This software works for all websites & tools
Best alternative for Grammarly

By Minz

Becorrect is one of the best free grammar and spell checker for business content. It offers the best free tools to make error free, perfect tone and great clarity content for your business.
It is an AI-powered grammar and spell checker provides the deep learning and other computer wizardry. Its AI technology automatically corrects the error.

By Syed Najum

QuillBot is one of the best free online grammatical error checkers that offers many different tools for paraphrase and summarize the content.
It has vocabulary enhancement tools to improve word quality, AI-powered thesaurus to find the right synonyms, integrating tools and so many to improve your writing skill.

By Puja Ramaswamy

LanguageTool is a free multilingual grammar, style, and spelling checker. It supports 40+ languages and can be integrated with your favorite application like docs, Microsoft word, and outlook.
It is a free online grammar checker and is also used by prominent companies like Amazon. It can also be used as a browser extension (free chrome extension) and is available in all leading browsers.

By Ameer

A free web app to take the pain out of transcribing recorded interviews.

By Eleanor

Type or paste your content in this free editor and get a score for readability, catch passive voice and word repetition, and more.

By Kate

Free Online Writing Assistant. Grammarly automatically detects potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in writing, following standard linguistic prescription. Algorithms flag potential issues in the text and suggest context-specific corrections for grammar, spelling, wordiness, style, punctuation

By Chetan

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Why should content writers use free Content Writing Tools:

These tools help you increase the quality of your content to many folds and will help you overcome idea blockades that we all face at some time.

Some of these free content writing tools help you in picking your next blog topic by giving the trending topics list.

Whereas some tools help you in correcting your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other mistakes that you make while writing.

These tools are completely free to use and will boost your productivity and speed for sure.

Our list also contains the free content writing tools for SEO

Features offered by free content writing tools:

These tools have a variety of features and most of them are completely different from each other some of the features are

  • Correction of grammatical mistakes. Nobody is perfect and makes mistakes these tools help you overcome them. These are also known as online writing assistants. There are many available in the market for free.
  • Dashboard where you can give your ideas a digital form and structure your content with all those ideas.
  • Some tools help you get a new blog topic idea as they are social media platforms where people pour out their realities and stories which can give you new perspectives and ideas.
  • Choosing proper keywords (low-competition keywords), selecting a good niche for the blog, and a lot more.


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