Best Free IT Courses in 2024

Are you a budding IT professional looking to learn the basics? There are free IT courses available online, and one course, in particular, has caught our attention. This course is entitled CS50 and was written by the founder of the data recovery company Disaster. It covers everything from the simplest keyboard and mouse to the motherboard and graphic card. It is so comprehensive, in fact, that it is the longest course on our ranking.

There are more than three thousand courses available on Udemy, which are organized by levels of difficulty. Among the most popular courses are AWS certified solutions architect, CCNA Bootcamp, and CompTIA A+ certification. You can also filter your search by topic, language, features, and ratings. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, you’ll be able to find a free IT course that suits your skill set and interests.

The material on these courses is self-paced and requires no previous experience. As such, it’s a great option for retraining after a long time away from the IT world. But remember: these courses will continue to evolve and grow, so it’s best to learn something new every year.

Free IT Courses with Certification

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FAQs on Free IT Courses

  1. What are the best websites for free IT courses?
    1. Discover top platforms offering free IT courses including Coursera, edX, Khan Academy, Udemy, and more.
  2. Do free IT courses provide certificates?
    1. Learn about which free IT courses offer certificates of completion and how to obtain them.
  3. How can I access free IT courses online?
    1. Find out how to enroll in and access free IT courses from various online educational platforms.
  4. What topics are covered in free IT courses?
    1. Explore the range of topics covered in free IT courses, from programming and cybersecurity to data science and networking.
  5. Are free IT courses worth it?
    1. Get insights into the value and benefits of taking free IT courses and how they can enhance your skills and career prospects.
  6. How long do free IT courses take to complete?
    1. Understand the typical duration of free IT courses and the time commitment required for different subjects.
  7. Can I get a job with knowledge from free IT courses?
    1. Learn about the job prospects and career opportunities available after completing free IT courses.
  8. What prerequisites are needed for free IT courses?
    1. Find out about the prerequisites and prior knowledge required for enrolling in various free IT courses.


Learn about the latest developments in the IT industry with free IT courses. This course will teach you how to secure your business data, troubleshoot problems, and manage your email. By learning the latest tools and technologies, you can decide if an IT career is right for you. Then, start making your next move. There are even more free courses to choose from! Get your IT certification today and stay updated!

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