Best Free Video Calling Apps in 2024

Are you looking for a free video calling app? Here is the list of the best free video calling apps and video conferencing software. The new normal that is life after covid has been very frustrating for most in the world as it has left absolutely no one unaffected one way or another. Businesses, schools, government everybody have paid a toll it has struck down the education system and continues to affect us both physically and mentally. 

We have compiled the best free video calling and video chatting apps to use. This listing has an easy to read a summary of the apps and their features as these apps are slightly different than each other but all have one distinct use to provide you with a free video calling service so that you may stay connected with your loved ones or if you are a teacher you can teach your students and work from home.


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Common Features offered by Free Video Calling Apps

  • Free video calling without any restrictions. You can call anyone anywhere in the world if they have an internet connection.
  • Few websites do not require you to open an account or register for video calling
  • These sites are best for talking to friends, groups, and office colleagues
  • There are certain time limit restrictions imposed on each call. Most sites offer 1-hour calls without interruptions
  • Support screen sharing and chatting features to quickly share your thoughts on the presentation
  • Best choice for startup companies, friends, and small businesses who would like to connect remotely and exchange thoughts.


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