Best Free Web Analytics Tools in 2023

If you are looking for free web analytics tools you are in the right place. These tools provide in-depth data and reports that are easy to understand, including customer journey maps, on-site campaign reports, and user profiles. They also offer an alert system to notify you when something happens on your website, so you can react immediately and better serve your customers. The free trial period allows you to monitor visitor behavior and learn where visitors get stuck.

These tools also have an Illuminate feature, which helps them to automate data analysis and make suggestions when building reports. This helps save time and can uncover insights that might have been missed otherwise. It also removes confirmation bias by letting users know what is happening before they even get to your website.

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Full Visibility of Tag Architecture
Monitor Privacy Requirements Across All Digital Properties
Validate Data Collection Requirements In Realtime
Tag Inspector Performance Scans give you the ability to quantify the performance impact of tags deployed across your websites

By Ahmad

Marketing Miner is an SEO tool for all data-driven marketers. Gain valuable insights with over 40 features to skyrocket your website rankings. User-friendly interface and bulk data analysis features to save your time and effort.

Popular features:

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Audit
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Link Building
  • Bulk Data Analysis
  • API

By Tomas Novak

Microsoft Clarity is a user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website through features such as session replays and heatmaps.
These behavior analytics tools are very much helpful for eCommerce businesses or web-based applications.
Their insights help you in making design changes and improve site performance
Features offered by Clarity a free behavior analytics tool is discussed in the What’s free section

By Zahid

Abralytics is a simple tool that helps you understand your website and customers better.
Unlike Google Analytics you won’t need to take a course to understand how well your website is performing.
It’s also completely cookie-free, and GDPR compliant.
This is v1.0, a very early-stage beta. In future releases, we will be developing plain-English actionable insights delivered by email to help you improve your website performance

By Tomas McKinless

Free access to unique, real-time audience insights. Consumer privacy and transparency is taken care by Quantcast

One of the best free web analytics tool by Quantcast

Understand user behavior and interests with real-time psychographic data.

Simple and intuitive interface with Easy and fast setup process

By Talha

Matomo is the leading open-source web analytics platform, used on over 1 million websites in over 190 countries, and translated into over 50 languages. Matomo is the ethical choice for those who value privacy and 100% data ownership.

By Ayan

Yandex Metrica is one of the top analytics tools leading now. You can get complete web analytics for free of cost. Use Yandex and improve your product’s growth by monitoring and analyzing user’s mouse movements, clicks, and many key factors to funnel your decisions

By Sh. Amar Singh

FullStory generally evaluates and saves every user’s movements & interactions with your web or mobile platform.
With the data of your users behaviors with the website or app, Fullstory does not take any user data it only works with dx data, so your customer’s privacy is maintained.
You can make the required changes and use them for product growth.
Fullstory comes with a vast library of integration which comes in handy for the technical team.

By Naseem

Heap provides us a complete dataset of every small interaction with your website. Every click. Every tap. Every swipe is tracked and saved for decision making. The good thing is no code is required to integrate. All that is required will be tracked automatically. Heap reveals to you how people use your product.

By Rahul Jain

Mixhelp helps in improving customer experience by analyzing and monitor key user data. One of the best analytics tools to engage visitors, and retain more visitors

By Pankaj Kumar

FAQs on Free Web Analytics Tools

How do web analytics tools work?

How web analytics works. Most analytics tools “tag” their web pages by inserting a JavaScript snippet into the web page’s code. With this tag, the analysis tool counts every time the page receives a visitor or link click.

What is the main goal of web analytics?

Web analytics is the collection, reporting, and analysis of website data. The focus is on identifying actions based on your business and user goals and using website data to determine the success or failure of those goals to drive strategy and improve user experience.

What goal can be achieved with web analytics?

There are four basic types of goals you can create in Google Analytics: goal, event, duration, and pages per session.


The free web analytics tool is the industry standard and is among the most popular on the internet. It offers numerous features that every website owner needs. It also tracks traffic, bounce rates, and conversions and provides a user-friendly dashboard. It also scales well, offering free and paid versions for businesses of all sizes. The dashboard is easy to use and includes features that are useful to small business owners and technophobes alike.

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