SchedulingKit-Online Appointment Scheduling App

About SchedulingKit

SK is an app that helps people schedule appointments, team/group meetings, and other events. Instead of using email chains and phone tags to communicate your availability, you can send your availability with an SK link (whether or not the people booking time with you are using SK). The invitee will be able to choose from all the available openings in the schedule and select the one that suits their needs best. It ensures the best time slot for both parties. It eliminates any confusion about which time zone they’re in. And it avoids the strings of conversations where people ask if someone else is free at a certain time.

What's free in SchedulingKit

There is a Free plan with certain features.

Is SchedulingKit free to use?

SchedulingKit can be used for free
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Scheduling & Managing your appointments are now made easy

After your 14-day trial, enjoy the Free version of Schedulingkit – forever

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