Best Free SEO Tools in 2023

Are you looking for the best free SEO tools online? We have curated the list of best free SEO tools for beginners in Digital Marketing. Ranking your site and increasing your reach can be hard, especially if are just starting. SEO can be the key to your success if you want to expand your site and increase your business. For digital marketing, one needs to learn about many tools and their applications even a small bit of extra information gives you an edge over your competitors. 

There are many tools present in the market that you can use to boost your metrics but selecting the right tools may be hard here we fone into play we have compiled a list of top free SEO tools for beginners to use in digital marketing.

This listing contains the best tools that can help you to do an audit of your website to find high-performing keywords, keyword mapping, and a lot more features some of which we have listed below. We have used these tools and we have shared everything we found of use you can read it all in summarised listicle form saving your time and effort.

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Ubersuggest offers all-in-one SEO tools for website holders who want more traffic. It provides free SEO tools to increase organic traffic.
Ubersuggest works by finding keywords that help to rank on google. It helps to audit sites to check SEO quality. It tracks rank every day to moderate changes.
Competitor analysis, backlink generating, single project dashboard, all the SEO tools work to increase traffic.

By Lou

Website Grader is a free SEO audit tool brought to you by HubSpot Tools. This tool provides an audit report on your website with various factors like Performance, Mobile Usability, On Page optimization and Security.
Once the website audit report is ready, you get access to HubSpot Academy trainings to overcome the issues and increase the score.

By Anum

Woorank offers the best free SEO tools for search engine ranking and increases organic traffic. It provides free SEO tools to monitor and analyze competitors.
Its keyword research & tracking tools help to learn target keywords and hidden opportunities.
Technical website audit tools analyze web pages to discover SEO issues. With many exciting tools for SEO, Woorank designs the best software for e-commerce businesses.

By Delia

SeedKeywords offers free SEO tools to increase organic traffic in the e-commerce business. It allows the creation of the tools to set a search scenario to get a unique URL.
The URL is sharable to friends, groups, or anywhere else on social media. SeedKeywords provides words and phrases as part of SEO and keyword research.

By Marion

Seobility offers the best free tools for beginners and professionals for SEO optimization. It designs the software as the all-in-one for SEO.
Website crawling and site-auditor, Goggle rank tracker, backlink checker, link building tools, continuous monitoring, and Whitelabel reporting all are in one software. Crawler checks the whole website and follows internal, external links.

By Sophia

SmallSEOTools is the best free SEO tools provider that ensures web page quality for optimization. It designs a great feature for different SEO in order to get a target audience.

All the tools are user-friendly and easy to use. It checks the content duplicity and compares the result with other websites. Access to this is absolutely free all over the world.

By Luella

SEOquake is the best SEO toolkits provider that offers free browser extensions to check web pages. It has a large selection of SEO parameters.
Its two best projects are SEMrush and brush. SEOquake supports conducting an on-page SEO audit in a flash, examine internal & external links, compare domains and URLs in real-time, and export all data into files. It completes a detailed SEO analysis of a webpage, and all in a click.

By Pramod

Google keyword planner is the best free keyword research tool provider for businesses, blogs, and others. Its a Google product based on Google Ads. Before starting the keyword research, it is to sign up with google Ads for free. Google Keyword Planner tools assist in discovering new keywords and getting search volume to make a forecast. It shows the result based on average monthly searches, competition, Ad impression, top-of-page bid, CPC, etc., to get the best prediction.

By Mohd Gaffar

MOZ Pro is a free domain SEO metrics software that offers the best free SEO tools for link building, analytics, keyword research, webpage performance, local listing audits, and more. Its keyword explorer leverages the largest, accurate keyword search.
Link explorer explores the content and builds a link with the webpage. Moz provides all the necessary tools for SEO.

By Naveen Bansal

Optimize offers the best free SEO tools to get business insight based on google analytics data. Optimize shows the website how engaged it is with the customers and gives the solution needs to deliver. It shows the result depending on Googles analytics data and Bayesian statistical methods.

By Arman


Try the best free SEO tools for link building and analysis, keyword research, webpage performance, local listing audits, and more!

By Praveen

Screaming Frog is a UK-based search marketing agency that provides the best website crawling and log file analyzer tools for business.

It is the best free SEO tool providing a website that offers SEO spider software to develop website ranking. A search strategy, creating tools assist small to large brands to improve the ranks.

By Hari Mohan Gurjar

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  • What is the best free SEO tool?
  • Free SEO tools for small businesses
  • Free SEO tools for freelancers
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  • What are the free SEO tools for YouTube?
  • What are the best free SEO tools for competitor analysis?

How will the Free SEO tools help beginners in getting traffic?

  • Our listings contain the best tools that you can use to grow and expand your business.
  • These tools are selected based on the features and prices
  • YouTubers can take advantage of free SEO tools by optimizing their descriptions, video titles, and other stuff
  • Small businesses can use competitor analysis tools for free and learn from the data available.
  • Website Audit tools help in finding critical errors and suggest the possible fixes to be applied

What are the most common features of Free SEO Tools?

Some features that different SEO tools provide you with are as follows:-

  • Keyword research tools: Find the best-related keywords for you to use. Choose the keywords based on the traffic volume specific to a country and demographics.
  • SEO Audit Tools:  Generate audit reports for your websites and blogs for free
  • Competitor tools: Helps you in finding the data related to your competitors
  • Email Marketing tools: Schedule your emails and bulk send them to users
  • Social Media Management tools: Scheduling tools for social media platforms


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