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About BotUp

BotUp is a simple Free Chatbot builder platform that allows you to create highly engaging and conversational Artificial Intelligence chatbots without any technical knowledge. BotUp chatbots can automate customer and employee interactions across messaging apps and web platforms, as well as integrate with a variety of third-party systems or APIs.

This simple visual builder makes it easy to get started with no-code solutions for answering questions and designing process flows across a variety of messaging channels. Simple, intuitive automation of internal processes such as employee onboarding, HR management, and customer service. BotUp provides you with everything you need to build a feature-rich bot with little or no assistance from experts. Improve the efficiency of your customer service. Greet customers, collect information and engage them in a conversation with a chatbot that works across all messaging platforms.

BotUp converts unstructured conversations into structured data. BotUp also provides a full suite of business tools to assist you in managing a bot-first engagement model for your company.

What's free in BotUp

Botup is full of features and makes it easier for users to communicate with the bot. The visual flows are also, in general, easy to use. AI scripts are finding ways to allow you to benefit from their invention by doing things like allowing you to know when people come onto your website so you can provide a great experience for everyone.

Botup’s AI features allow your business to reach more potential customers, which will increase your sales.

You can also get real insight and data with chatbots that let you track historical records, and overall progress, and have better insights. A free trial is available

Is BotUp free to use?

BotUp can be used for free
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