Best Free Email Marketing Tools in 2024

Find the best Free Email Marketing Tools on Freeble. We have compiled a list of the best and most free email marketing tools for Shopify and WordPress. Are you trying to expand your business and want a simple yet effective way to do so than e-mail marketing has to be your go-to, a lot of businesses ignore e-mail marketing thinking it has burned out as a Marketing strategy but it is the wrong perception?ย 

Big brands likeย Amazonย dominate the e-commerce market by utilizing these small techniques. Email marketing can be your hidden advantage especially if you are a local brand and your competition is with other local brands. A variety of tools are there from which you can choose to start your email marketing campaign today. We have made it easy for you to choose the best tools that you can use for email marketing by compiling a list of the 30ย Best Free Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses.

These tools help you schedule your campaign and set up the entire process required for launching your campaign. We have handpicked them just for you these are perfect for beginners and professionals to use so just start with your new campaign.

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When should you use Free Email Marketing Tools?

These tools are free to use if you are a beginner do not worry these are super easy to use and are most of the work is automated you just need to customize it according to your needs.

Best choice for startups, small businesses, and individuals who would like to see results from email marketing.

Common Features Offered By Free Email Marketing Tools

  • Free automated email marketing campaign set up for your business
  • Analysis tool to keep your effectiveness of mails.
  • A/b testing makes your marketing more effective.
  • Many free templates for welcome, notification, updates, and many more.
  • Send bulk emails to your customers, users, and email subscribers with frequency.
  • Update your users on the latest offers, events, news, and upcoming deals.
  • Most of these email marketing software includes free email templates.
  • Web push notifications allow getting in touch with users on time
  • There is a limit on the number of email recipients you can include per month. That should not be a problem for startups and small businesses


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