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About SendBig stands out as a leading free file-sharing website, providing a secure, user-friendly platform for individuals and businesses seeking a convenient way to share large files and multimedia content. In a world where digital collaboration is increasingly vital, offers a solution that eliminates the hassles associated with file size limitations and slow upload speeds.

Whether you’re a creative professional sharing high-resolution images, a project manager distributing large documents, or just someone looking to send a video to a friend, this website is the perfect tool. Its commitment to data security ensures that your files are in safe hands, and the user-friendly interface simplifies the sharing process, making it accessible to all.

What sets apart from the rest is its dedication to providing a seamless and efficient file-sharing experience. Gone are the days of cumbersome email attachments or unreliable cloud storage solutions. With, you can confidently share your data, knowing it will arrive quickly and securely to your intended recipients.

This free file-sharing website is not just about moving files; it’s about streamlining your digital communication and collaboration, all while ensuring the privacy and security of your shared content. Say hello to a new era of hassle-free file sharing with

What's free in SendBig

  • SendBig is completely Free to use.
  • Enjoy a Free 30GB per transfer
  • Defer sending time of your upload files, up to 3 days
  • Decide when transfers expire, up to 3 years

Is SendBig free to use?

SendBig can be used for free
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Share large files up to 30GB for Free

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