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About Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder recognizes the names of companies that visit your website. This free lead-generating software converts anonymous traffic into real company names and reveals the precise behavior of the businesses that visit your website. It uses Leadfeeder’s proprietary database of static and dynamic IP addresses to identify remote workers.

Leadfeeder automatically removes bots, ISPs, and other traffic sources that do not provide you with quality leads. In contrast to other tools, you can also manually remove leads.

It also has robust filtering so you can quickly identify hot leads. Leadfeeder complies fully with all GDPR requirements, and it recommends that you mention Leadfeeder in the same places you mention Google Analytics and similar products.

What's free in Leadfeeder

  • Unlimited users
  • Zapier integrations
  • Chat support
  • Help documentation
  • Build better sales pitches
  • beat competitors to the sale
  • Find ready-to-buy sales leads
  • Free to use

Is Leadfeeder free to use?

Leadfeeder can be used for free
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Generate more leads by identifying your anonymous website traffic.

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