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Free Online Tools for your business 2023

While starting a new business, we can start it by using free tools that are offered for free which sounds less expensive. So we’ve to carefully consider all the important choices that your team wants to make by using free tools that are available online.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 free online tools that your small business ought to be using as a free resource for you. So don’t be afraid: Even if you want to eventually scale out of the products on this list, be careful to look them out and get benefited.

List of tools

  1. Google Meet
  2. Rank Match
  3. Wix
  4. Continental
  5. Microsoft Office
  6. Sendinblue
  7. Creator studio
  8. Google search console
  9. LinkedIn Learning
  10. Barnes & Noble Online
  11. Smart Mockups
  12. Marnie UI Kit

1. Google Meet

Category: Free Video Calling App

Like the majority of Google’s applications, Google Meet has been seamlessly incorporated into Gmail, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Calendar.

It is the most used free video calling App which provides One-on-one meetings can last for up to 24 hours, there is a 60-minute time limit, and the free edition supports up to 100 users. Screen sharing, a whiteboard with various annotation tools, Google Meet companion mode for easy hybrid meetings, auto-frame, and picture-in-picture mode in Google Chrome are among the features on the list. To fully enjoy Google Meet, try out some of the many tips and techniques available.

You must upgrade to one of the Google Workspace plans in order to record meetings, have group video conversations that last longer than 60 minutes, and utilize other add-ons. Available on Android, iOS, and the web

No charge. Plans for Google Workspace begin at $10 per month.

2. Rank Match

Category: Free SEO Tools

WordPress SEO plugin Rank Math is well-liked and has been downloaded more than 300,000 times as of this writing. And for good reason: it generates Schema Markup, displays data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics directly in your WordPress dashboard, offers a Rank Tracker tool, keeps track of 404 issues, and does much more.

On its own, the free version offers a tonne of fantastic alternatives, but if you decide you want more, the annual prices are affordable (beginning at $59).

It might be overwhelming to transfer between numerous websites and applications, so the fact that Rank Math can be accessed directly from your WordPress dashboard is a significant plus, and its one of the best free SEO tool for your business.

3. Wix

Category: free web hosting 

If you’re looking into the best free web hosting software, then consider, Wix. It is a drag-and-drop website builder, similar to ones like Weebly or Squarespace. And yes, unlike other options, you don’t need to be familiar with PHP (e.g. – Joomla).

It offers a website platform and server space in a manner similar to an all-in-one solution. Wix is also a free website hosting service because it offers a free plan. With enterprise-grade dependability and outstanding site-building options, this free website builder offers a novel experience. On the no-cost plan, you receive:

  • Subdomain of
  • lovely templates
  • 500 MB of bandwidth and 500 MB of disc space
  • global network for content distribution
  • Free security and SSL monitoring
  • Knowledge base and client assistance

4.  Contentcal

Category: free social media management tools

The best free social media management tool for bringing your team together is ContentCal. You can collaborate with others to design approval processes, plan your material, and then publish it to a variety of channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, and Medium). The latest “Respond” capabilities function as a shared inbox for monitoring and responding to mentions, messages, and comments across social media, and ContentCal’s analytics will help you analyze the performance of your material.

One of the standout features is that ContentCal integrates with more than 2000 other programs, allowing you to connect it to other programs you already use (like Slack or Trello) and create the ideal social media workflow while also distributing content to channels other than social media, such as emails and blogs.

5. Microsoft Office

Category: free productivity tools

When it comes to free productivity tools, Microsoft Office is undoubtedly the software that most people think of first, with the cloud-based Microsoft 365 being the most recent iteration.

The thorough way that data may be covered by several apps and moved across them, making work more productive and hassle-free, is what made MS Office the market leader. The core programs, Word (opens in new tab), Excel (opens in new tab), PowerPoint (opens in new tab), and Outlook (opens in new tab), cover the majority of office needs by providing access to documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and emails. Additionally, OneDrive provides online backups and storage for your files.

6. Sendinblue

Category: free email marketing tools

Sendinblue is a free email marketing communication platform that features both email marketing tools and additional functions such as customer relationship management and landing page creation. With over 70 design templates, Sendinblue’s email design functions make it easy to create a great-looking email. Plus, all of these templates are responsive, and you can preview your results to ensure your design looks the way you want on any screen format.

After you design your email, you can use features like A/B testing and segmented recipient lists to take the manual effort and guesswork out of optimizing your campaigns and targeting your ideal audiences.

7. Creator studio

Category: free Instagram tools

Every business account in Meta (Instagram’s parent company) has access to Creator Studio, a free content management platform. It’s an easy place to write pieces, schedule and manage them, and discover ways to make money off of already published content. It is considered one of the best free Instagram tool for managing your business.

It only recently made scheduling Instagram Stories available, so the procedure is still a little awkward.

Creator Studio is currently a good option for managing in-feed, photo-based digital marketing content, despite its current limitations.

8. Google search console

Category: free web analytics tool

Google changed the name of its search insights tool, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, to make it more accessible to “everyone who cares about Search,” such as “hobbyists, small company owners, SEO specialists, marketers, programmers, designers, and app developers.”

 It is considered the most used free web analytics tool in the industry. In essence, the platform aids in making sure that your website or Android app is search engine friendly and appears in pertinent search results.

Google Search Console offers three crucial resources that assist website owners in optimizing their pages:

The frequency with which your site appears in Google search results, the number of clicks and impressions resulting from those results, and the queries that led to those results are all shown in search analytics reports. Additionally, you may compare data to discover how your search results perform across users of different devices, including visitors from the US and the UK.

9. LinkedIn Learning

Category: Free Online Courses 

LinkedIn Learning is a free online courses website that provides expert-taught video courses. This website allows you to access up to 15,000 courses in more than seven languages, both for free and with a subscription.

LinkedIn free courses allow you to learn from industry experts without spending any money. These LinkedIn training courses are ideal for newcomers, intermediate learners, and seasoned professionals. LinkedIn Learning certificate courses are available in a variety of categories, including business, personal development, entrepreneurship, design, and technology online courses.

10. Barnes & Noble Online

Category: Free eBooks

If you’re looking into a free eBooks website, then check out Barnes & Noble Online. Despite its origins as a physical bookstore, the Barnes & Noble digital store is stocked with a plethora of free and discounted books. It also keeps a reassuring human curation element, with “Staff Picks” at the top of B&N’s Free eBooks page and an eye-catching section of free magazines below. Some free titles can only be read on B&N’s NOOK Reading App, which is free to download but adds an extra step to the process. 

11. Smart Mockups

Category: Free Mockup Generators 

Smart Mockups is a free Mockup Generator that offers more than 1200 ready-to-use Digital Mockups of Smartphones, Desktop, Laptop, Screens, and other devices, Print Mockups for Branding, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, and other stationery materials, and Apparel Mockups of T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, and other items are available for free. To win the project, you can easily create stunning product mockups in minutes.

Start for free and enjoy less than 200 product mockups with basic features, or upgrade to a premium account for $9/month and gain full access to over 1200 digital product mockups.

12. Marnie UI Kit

Category: Free UI Kits

Do you want to create a cutting-edge e-commerce shopping app? This Free UI Kit Figma iOS is an excellent choice. Marnie is an e-commerce and clothing store app UI kit that is both elegant and clean. This Figma UI kit was created specifically for the new iOS. Check out some of its best features:

  • 21+ vector screens with extensive customization
  • 150+ components
  • Files that are well-layered and organized
  • Sketch, Photoshop, XD, and Figma are all compatible.

If you’re a creator or even an individual, you should check out Freeble’s fantastic collection of useful tools. Now, not all of them are free, but a large number of them are. More importantly, because these are the best tools for the business, creators, and individuals. Many of them are worthwhile to use. Each tool has a detailed page that includes a description, details, and the benefits of using them. 

You could use a combination of these platforms for your analytics, or you could start with free trials and then upgrade to your preferred tools. Just keep in mind that no matter which free platform you use, you can track vital engagement statistics without breaking the bank.

It’s difficult to remember all of the excellent and valuable online apps. So, create a bookmark folder called “Online Apps” and save your favorite links there. You can save online tools you use in the Bookmarks Bar.

Readers are also welcome to leave feedback on the free online tools.



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