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12 Best Free Intro Makers for YouTube without watermark

An animated video intro is an essential component of a video. We’ve compiled a list of the best Free intro makers for YouTube without watermark that you can use to create intros quickly. It will also assist you in developing your channel branding.

These short clips will help you attract and boost your viewers, which is especially important for branding. Apart from that, it gives the video a more professional appearance. 

As a result, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best free online tools so that you can find a free video intro maker with no watermark that meets your requirements. For your convenience, they provide a variety of editing tools and templates.

List of Free Intro Makers for YouTube without Watermark

  1. Motionden
  2. Promo
  3. Videocreek
  4. Renderforest
  5. Filmora
  6. Vistacreate
  7. Panzoid
  8. Introcave
  9. Animaker 
  10. Spark
  11. Biteable
  12. Tube Arsenel


With MotionDen’s free video intro maker, you can now create eye-catching HD intros in minutes from pre-made templates. It includes a large collection of professionally designed HD intro templates that can assist you in creating great HD intro videos for any purpose, including YouTube intros, vlog intros, corporate business intros, and more!

MotionDen is the easiest way to create stunning HD intros for personal and commercial use in just a few clicks. It is entirely cloud-based, allowing you to easily create HD intros from anywhere in the world.


Promo includes professional video clips of high quality, royalty-free music, customizable video templates, and more. Their primary focus is on creating promotional videos and ads for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can test out Promo for free. When you choose an annual plan, you also get two months free.

The promo YouTube Intro Maker is all you need to make customizable video intros. In minutes, you can edit stunning professional footage or upload your own, add text and music, and personalize it with your company logo. Many YouTube intro maker templates are available on promo. There is a premium library of high-quality videos, music, and stock photos, including Getty Images, iStock, and Shutterstock images.


Another free YouTube video introduction maker tool for beginners is VideoCreek. It has a large selection of video intro templates that can be edited in three simple steps: Change the image, and the audio, and add extra customization. The video layout is fixed and cannot be changed.

VideoCreek provides limited customization because it lacks an interface for editing videos. You can only make changes to the image, audio, and other assets such as the font. Although the video quality is good, you will not receive a professional and unique video intro for your YouTube channel.


Renderforest is a multi-purpose design platform that allows you to create free online videos, logos, and websites, among other things. By customizing one of the intro video templates, you can create a professional intro video in a matter of minutes. It has over 50K intro video templates that can be customized using its extensive library of fonts, soundtracks, photos, and graphics.

With its free plan, you get 500 MB of storage and the ability to create up to 3 minutes of unlimited 360p videos. It is one of the simplest and best YouTube video intro makers available, and it was named one of G2’s top 100 software companies in 2019. Look no further if you are searching for the best free intro makers for YouTube without watermark.


Wondershare Filmora9 is a professional video editor that you can download to your computer. It does not have an online version, which could be a disadvantage. It has an easy-to-use interface that is ideal for professional video editing. With Fimora9, you can quickly create high-quality YouTube video introductions.

You can get it for free and begin using it right away. The watermark appears on all videos created with the free version and can be removed by upgrading your plan. It’s not the easiest software to use because it’s a professional-level video editor, so you’ll need to read the manual to fully understand its interface.


VistaCreate is a multi-functional design tool. Graphics, animated videos, logos, graphics, posters, social media content, and YouTube video intros are all possible. It has a powerful and user-friendly interface that is ideal for beginners. You can get started right away without any assistance. Choose an intro or outro template from the 25K+ available, add animations, customize it, add or tweak the background, tweak objects, and you’re done.

It has over 30K graphics and animations, as well as over 140 million stock images, to help you create a killer video intro. You can also upload your own fonts and images. With its free plan, you can create a stunning video intro.


Panzoid provides free content creation tools. The platform is completely free, and it has a large community of designers who post templates that other users can customize. There are numerous free editable YouTube video intro templates available. To edit a template, open it in Clipmaker. Personalize by adding your own images, graphics, and music.

If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to upload your own objects and assets. As a result, it is best to start with a template and then modify it. The interface isn’t beginner-friendly, so if you’ve never used a video maker before, getting started will be difficult.


IntroCave is a free video intro maker with a high level of specialization. In as little as 5 minutes, you can create a professional YouTube video intro. It includes numerous templates of various types and categories. Choose a template, customize it, and download your HD intro in 2 hours.

IntroCave allows you to quickly create a short intro video. IntroCave allows for a limited amount of customization. You can upload your own assets such as images, logos, and audio, but the video layout cannot be changed. It is most suitable for bloggers, YouTubers, vloggers, and small businesses.


Animaker is one of the top free intro makers for YouTube without watermark that is used by over three million people and 1,000 brands worldwide. Animaker has the world’s largest animation library, allowing you to create vertically optimized videos for your mobile audience.

The easy-to-use interface makes this a great intro maker for inexperienced filmmakers. There are professional-level camera and transition effects, as well as a wide range of background tracks and sound effects, as well as the ability to directly record or import your own voiceover or soundtrack.

You can make an unlimited number of two-minute SD-quality videos to upload to YouTube with the free version. You can, however, only export five videos per month and cannot use premium features.


Adobe Spark allows you to quickly create eye-catching video intros. There are various preset themes with unique fonts, transitions, and color palettes that you can combine to create a unique video. You can also import existing themes or start from scratch. You can use Adobe Spark to add your own video footage, photos, and music, or you can choose from their library of royalty-free resources. You don’t need any prior experience to make video intros with Adobe Spark because the process is simple.

You can also change the size of your video depending on which social media websites you want to use for your video intro. The text is also fully customizable, as you can change the size of the titles and subtitles, as well as add new ones.


Biteable claims that their free intro maker software allows you to ‘create a masterpiece in minutes. That’s a bold claim, but 4 million people back it up.

Biteable offers a variety of video templates to choose from, all of which are organized thematically based on the type of video you want to create and where you want to publish it (YouTube or Instagram, for example).

Their main selling points are speed and ease of use, with an interface that is simple enough for beginners to quickly master.

Tube Arsenal:

If you plan on making the occasional intro, Tube Arsenal might be just what you’re looking for. This web-based video intro maker eliminates the need to sign up for a paid subscription service. That is Tube Arsenal’s most valuable asset for the occasional intro maker.

It also has an Impressive collection of templates for you to use. Some of them, like DreamWorks’ man in the moon intro, bear more than a passing resemblance to famous pop culture intros. Their templates are logically tagged and filterable, making it simple to find your favorite.


What are the best free intro makers for YouTube without watermark? It’s difficult to say.

Almost all YouTube intro makers provide similar features. The best intro maker will be determined by what you require from it and what other features it offers.

Do You Wish to Produce Your Own Video?

Finally, Before selecting the best software for creating intro videos, make sure that it includes the following features:

  • Templates that are editable
  • Upload your own templates and create an intro from scratch.
  • Possibility to incorporate visual assets such as logos, colors, fonts, and existing marketing graphics, as well as video clips and animations.
  • A wide range of fonts 
  • The ability to download a high-quality video


Hope you liked the list of Free intro makers for YouTube without watermark. A good Introduction can do wonders for your brand’s promotion. Many marketers use YouTube intros to promote their companies and brands. That is why it is critical that your introduction be concise and professional. A well-executed YouTube intro can generate critical brand familiarity and awareness.

If you’re looking for an animated video, look no further. Freeble is there to help you by providing a list of free online tools and resources. Share with your circle, if you have found the content useful.

Also, don’t hesitate to submit the free tools you’re already known, that will be really useful for our users.

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