Best Free Productivity Tools in 2023

If you want to increase your productivity and save money, then you should consider trying out free productivity tools. You can use these apps for a few weeks and see if you have made any improvements. There are free apps that help you keep track of your time while working. It features a central dashboard where you can track your time on different applications, websites, and the internet. You can also set goals for yourself and track progress over time.

Productivity tools are designed to optimize your work by categorizing it into manageable chunks. You can create board-like lists, share them with collaborators, and track team performance. It’s easy to use and allows you to easily see what needs to be accomplished and when. It’s also cross-platform and integrates with numerous other applications. For teams working together, Trello has many features that will boost productivity.

Productivity tools are also popular with bloggers, journalists, and entrepreneurs. It can also be used by the ordinary person to organize ideas and get feedback. It is available on most modern devices and can be downloaded from popular mobile app stores. The notes in Evernote can be searchable, and you can edit them from any text editor. It supports Markdown format, which makes it compatible with any type of document. The app is free and open-source.

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Visme offers free productivity tools for small business. It helps to create such a platform where anyone can do their best job. Vismes presentation templates assist to show presentational expertise than telling. Its chart and infographic tools help the presentation to be more effective to remember the business. In addition, it offers different tools for brand documentation. Overall, it has a great feature for presentational business.

By Rabab offers free productivity tools for business coach, course creator, executive, entrepreneur. The book summery service tools helps to get the best business ideas to invest their precious time. The content tools help to engage team members into the community. Resources and tools speed up the coaching business.

By Nina

Brave browser is a secure, private web browser for mac and pc that does not show an annoying advertisement to its user and is super secure. It does not monitor your browsing behavior for advertising and marketing research purposes. Here you can also monetize your data.

That is, a Brave browser pays you to watch generic ads. You can sign up for this in the options. It has a brave shield that protects you from trackers and unethical content making your browsing safe and secure.

Brave is one of the best secured, high-performing, and fastest web browsers that provides free productivity tools for the operating system.
The browser is absolutely free to download and a rewarding web browser. In comparison, Brave is 3x faster than chrome. It blocks all types of ads that slow down PCs performance, can be seen Brave lion logo next to the search bar in the built-in blocker. Brave uses less memory than Chrome, and it is up to 66%.

By Hammad

Are you also tired of hundreds of mail that come raining down in your inbox from places you don’t even remember signing up for?

Trim box is the tool that you need. Trimbox comes as a browser extension and you can trim away all the subscriptions in a few clicks without manually going to each and every website and unsubscribing.

By Beaconite

Zencastr offers the best productivity tools for super quality voice records and video records. The recording quality is 16-bit 48k WAV audio track and 1080p HD Video up to 4 guests with automatic voice synchronization.

Its built-in VoIP allows talk, chat, leave live footnotes, and record everything in a single place. Its peer-to-peer encrypted VoIP tools provide extra security to personal data & information.

By Banwari Lal

Zenefits provides the best productivity tools free for small business entities. It offers a complete HR platform to save valuable time. All the tools are designed to streamline the workflow of the business.
It deals with HR, Benefits, Payroll, and Scheduling from a single place. It manages PTO tracking to the org chart, performance reviews, and more. It also helps to simplify the curation process. Zenefits helps with paying people fast and easily.

By Ghan Sayam free productivity tools for business builds products and technologies that transform voice conversation to valuable information for quick business action. It helps to develop productive session and optimistic work environment. It records and transcribe zoom meetings and automatically joins calendared zoom meeting.

By Tapan Kumar

PandaDoc is one of the best online free productivity tools for eSignature that forms a legal binding to the complaint, complete with the bells, whistles, fine print, and clauses with necessary documents.
It helps with creating, then sending, and tracking existing workflow and approval process. All the features are controlled by API.

By Rafiq Ahmed

1Password is the best free tools provider for password management. Its online productivity tools secure all the passwords stored on the computer.
1Password makes the way easy and safe for confidential information. It assists users to remember only a single password. The secret automation tool manages the companys infrastructure. It also secures remote work from home.

By Abdullah

Confluence is a collaborative application that offers the best free productivity tools for the office. It helps to build, organize and collaborate work from a single platform.
Its intuitive feature makes it easy to set up, create and discover. It helps to develop a knowledge-based product and simplifies the creation, collaboration, and commenting.

By Chandan

Dialpad is a free phone calling service provider that offers free productivity tools for small businesses. Its application tools allow making unlimited free phone calls into the country, the U.S., and Canada.

It supports SIP-based phones, so a desk phone is also under this service. It provides an international call service at the lowest call rate.
It offers a toll-free call service for sales and support. Dialpad added features for faxing 100 pages per month.

By Bram Parkash

FAQs on Free Productivity Tools

Why is it necessary to use productivity tools?

Employees in all organizations use productivity tools to create and produce documents, databases, charts, graphs, and presentations. Nowadays, these tools have become a necessity for both companies and individuals to successfully implement their overall strategy.

What are the limitations of productivity tools?

For example, one of the biggest downsides to productivity tools is that people try to use different tools for the same task. This allows different people to do the same job multiple times with different tools.


Productivity tools provide project management and time management. It offers desktop and mobile apps, a web browser app, and a native Mac OS X application. It is targeted primarily at companies that work by project and depends on accurate timesheets. Hours also help you measure your productivity by letting you view your daily tasks and the progress you’ve made. There are free and pro versions of this tool, so it’s easy to choose the one that works best for your needs.

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