Best Free CMS Software, Free Themes & Templates, Free Website Builders in 2023

In the world of Free CMS software, you don’t have to spend your own money to create a professional website. You can use free CMS software to create a blog or a small site for personal use.

A free CMS software should have all the same functionalities as a paid CMS. A good choice should provide a professional-looking finished product. The content, usability, and dynamic features of the CMS should match your requirements. Furthermore, you should choose software that is flexible enough to meet your business’s future needs and is customizable. Choosing the wrong free CMS software could prove costly if you decide to make a website change in the future.

A free CMS software platform uses a database to store information. This makes it easier for you to input content to any part of the site. However, you must remember that CMS platforms are largely designed to allow multiple users to update content. To avoid confusion, a free CMS platform will have a draft/approval feature, which allows multiple users to input content and create a shared, flexible website. In addition, free CMS software platforms provide templates.

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Dorik is an all-in-one platform for building websites without any code. Whether you need a simple landing page or a fully-fledged website for your business, Dorik’s free website builder makes it easy to get started. Dorik comes with a free website builder & SSL.

With Dorik’s free templates and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you can create a beautiful website in minutes – no coding required! And because our platform is white-label, you can brand it as your own and offer it to your clients as a value-add service.

By Dorik

ProcessWire is a free content management system (CMS) and framework (CMF) built to save you time and work the way you do. With all custom fields, a secure foundation, proven scalability and performance, ProcessWire connects all of your content seamlessly, making your job fast, easy and fun

By Manoj Kumar

A better way to manage your marketing sites
Everything you need to build, host and update Jekyll websites. CloudCannon empowers you to take advantage of the many benefits of static sites and enable editors to update content.

By Jiya Lal

FAQs on Free CMS Software

What do you need to know about CMS?
A CMS, short for a content management system, is a software application that allows users to create and manage a website without having to code from scratch or even knowing how to code. A CMS allows you to create, manage, modify, and publish content in an easy-to-use interface.

What technology is used in CMS?
A CMS allows non-programming users to change, modify, and edit content on websites using a WYSIWYG interface, an acronym for “what you see is what you get. The data entered into the CMS software is stored in a database that renders the web page via a template. The CSS of this page can control the output.


Choosing free CMS software is an important decision. There are several types of CMS, but none is better than WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular free CMS software on the internet and is suitable for most types of websites. There are many different ways to customize a free CMS software for your needs, but the best way to decide is to consider your website’s type and functionality before selecting a free option. Once you know what kind of site you need, WordPress will be the best option.

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