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12 Free Video Editing Software for Beginners in YouTube & Instagram

Finding it hard to get the free video editing software to create a perfect video??

Are you failing to get the perfect video that you want to publish even after getting that expensive camera? then the problem lies with your video editing software it may not be performing according to your necessity whether it is for your social media game or the innovative product that your company has come up with. 

There is a variety of free video editing software that you can use for that perfect video that you yearn for.

We all know that videos are presently the best way to communicate and reach people as it is more engaging and easy to consume with high-speed internet readily available people are consuming tons of content that you can monetize. The better the quality, the better the engagement, and the more people engage the more you can profit from.

We have compiled a list of the best Free Video Editing Apps that you can use to make the best videos be it for Instagram Reels, YouTube channels, Tiktok videos, or professional projects.

List of Free Video Editing Software Programs on Windows & Online

  1. Blender
  2. Openshot
  3. Shotcut
  4. InVideo
  5. Movavi
  6. Hitfilm Express
  7. Flexclip


Blender is one of the best editing tools that you can find on the web originally designed for 3D animation. Blender is an open-source application that you can use to edit your video, create animation, model, render, and many more. the video editing features of the blender include

  • Live preview, Chroma vector space, histogram displays, and luma waveforms.
  • Adjustment keys, transition, keyframe, and more.
  • Up to 32 slots for adding images, audio, video, keyframes, and filters.
  • Speed controls and adjustment, transitions, and more.

Available for: Mac, Windows, and Linux


Openshot is another open-source video editing software that offers an easy-to-use interface with a lot of features packed into it making it a simple yet very powerful editing platform. It is ideal for YouTube video editing and is perfect for you if you are just starting and want easy-to-use software so you can keep coming up with new content with high frequency. 

It supports many file formats so you can import your video shots from any device and start editing without stressing about the file types. it is easy to import files from your system simply drag your files from the system into the editing window.

Key takeaways: – ideal for vloggers as importing data is easy, suits beginners 

Available for: Mac and Windows


Shotcut is a full-fledged editing software ideal for projects and even movie-making. It supports a wide variety of inputs and image and video formats including 4k.

It not only has options to edit videos but it can also be used for adjusting the sounds (pitch, tone, bass etcetera) audio mixing across all tracks, audio scope, and many more. We urge you to check out the software especially if you are in full-time production.

Available for: Mac, Windows, and Linux


InVideo is an online video editing software that comes with a big library of templates that you can use to edit your videos. The templates make it easy for newbies to use the platform. It has simple tools which can be used by anyone to create professional-looking videos. A lot of Youtubers use it for making intro videos, if you want to create intro videos and are finding the best apps then we have you covered check our listing of intro makers. 

Available for: Online


Movavi is a free video editing software. Movavi comes with an inbuilt library consisting of sample videos, sounds, intros, and music which you can incorporate in your video. It is ideal for creating videos for social media and has filters that you can use to make Instagram reels or YouTube shorts which will boost your reach.

Available for: Online

6.Hitfilm express

Hitflim express is free-to-use video editing software and comes with professional-grade VFX tools. It is used by YouTubers, streamers, and students all over the world. Some of the features of Hitfilm express are –

  • Free video tutorials to learn from.
  • 400+ presets and effects to use.
  • Built-in voice recorder.
  • Unlimited tracks and transitions
  • Composting for full 2D and 3D.

Available for: Windows and Mac OS X. 64-bit OS only


Flexclip is an online video editor ideal for making small clips or videos. It has many templates that you can use to create intros and outros for your YouTube channel or blog videos. Although Flexclip has limits for using stock videos and some other content for a single id you can use a different id to continue using Flexclip for multiple projects. You can use these temporary email tools to create multiple accounts and enjoy flexclip for free.

Available as Online video editor

Bonus Tip 💡

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Conclusion 🛌

We hope that you liked reading our blog on free online resources. Have you got some useful insights to choosing your ideal free video editor for making Instagram reels & YouTube videos? If you think we missed your favorite video editor with better qualities, effects, and features then create a listing and we will do our research until then you can read our other blogs on free online tools.

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