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About JotForm

JotForm is one the best free form creation tools provider that allows free online form creation and publish for email response to collect data. You can customize forms design to get a professional layout. It saves your time by speeding up and simplifying the daily work using automating complex tasks.

Free features in JotForm

All Features Included
5 Forms Form Limit
1 Monthly Submissions
1 MB Available Space
1, Monthly Form Views
5 Total Submission Storage
Unlimited Reports, Fields per form
1 Payment Submissions
HIPAA Compliance Not Available
JotForm Branding

Is JotForm free to use?

JotForm can be used for free
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Smatbot is a leading conversation bot-building platform that helps to create customizable chatbots for lead generation, chatting live, operational landing pages, surveys, searches, appointments, feedback, and suggestions for eCommerce businesses.
The main benefit of using Smatbot is no coding, easy customization, and sensible pricing. The business visitors will automatically be connected after installing the apps. It will automate all conversations in WhatsApp and collect feedback from the blog chatbot to make a survey on readers.

An additional feature of Smatbot’s free chatbot is email notification.

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