Joonbot Free Chatbot builder for Conversation Rate Optimization

About Joonbot

Joonbot stands out as a leading provider in the realm of no-code free chatbot builder, particularly tailored for conversation rate optimization. This innovative platform for free chatbot builder not only eliminates the need for coding expertise but also prioritizes user engagement.

The chatbot’s conversation interface is meticulously crafted to deliver the right message, capturing the viewer’s attention precisely when it matters most. Beyond its engaging interface, Joonbot’s capabilities extend to efficient data sorting and processing, contributing to streamlined data management.

By offering automatic responses to frequently asked questions, the free chatbot builder evolves into a quick and reliable source of information, enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, Joonbot goes the extra mile with features like AB testing and drop-off checks, contributing to ongoing improvements in conversion rates.

With its commitment to user-friendly design and robust functionality, Joonbot stands as a powerful ally for businesses seeking to optimize their online interactions and boost conversion rates effortlessly.

What's free in Joonbot

  • 1 conversation
  • 1 chatbot
  • Unlimited blocks per chatbot
  • Unlimited websites
  • Widget format
  • Full-page format
  • Embed format
  • Pre-built templates
  • Self-notification
  • Recall information
  • Unlimited loops
  • Limited logic jumps

Is Joonbot free to use?

Joonbot can be used for free
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A potential way to stay connected with website visitors

Your customers can have lot of questions. Build a chatbot to answer them while you’re offline

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