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About GetProspect

Free lead generation tool GetProspect is a solution that enables sales teams, marketers, and recruiters to quickly get in touch with their carefully picked prospects. Along with open data on people and companies, it offers authentic email addresses and social media profiles

With this free lead generation tool, you can immediately qualify and filter priority leads on the same workspace. After that, gather information to make a pitch that is well-tailored. By bulk uploading names and domains, GetProspect makes it simple to locate email addresses and other information for your existing contacts. Simply import a file, and GetProspect will add email, position, location, and company information to your contacts, taken from their lead database.

There is no need to duplicate information into other applications, search endlessly for contacts, or use many spreadsheets (unless you do want it). Concentrate on what matters most: engaging more people in discussion and closing transactions more quickly. GetProspect uses publicly available information to find prospects’ emails, allowing you to inform your customers where you found their data.

What's free in GetProspect

Included in the free plan of this free lead generation tool are two key components: email search credits, which determine the number of valid emails you can save during the billing period, with charges applying only for contacts possessing valid emails, and verification credits, allowing you to verify emails, including personal ones, obtained outside of GetProspect or from your pre-existing records.

In addition to the email-related features, our plan includes the following benefits:

  • LinkedIn extension
  • Advanced filters
  • API Access
  • Export files in CSV & XLSX formats
  • Team data sharing

Is GetProspect free to use?

GetProspect can be used for free
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Unlock the power of GetProspect today and supercharge your lead generation efforts with professional email addresses from LinkedIn!

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