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About Sharex

Sharex offers the best free tools for screen capture. It offers different tools to full screen capture, region capture. Scrolling capture, text capture, auto capture.

You can upload files and share to many destinations. It destination tools allows to share image to Imgur, Imageshake, Flicker, and more.

Free features in Sharex

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Is Sharex free to use?

Sharex can be used for free
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Sharing your photos & files is now easier

Whether you like to share files, photos or media, the process is simple and free

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Ometrics offers free tools to Chatbot to engage customers during the sales journey. Its AI-BASED Chatbot reports and analytics helps to forecast customer insights. The Chatbot data also helps to understand customer’s experiences and factors that prevent them from shopping.
Ometrics lead generation Ochatbots LeadBot helps to lift the leads by lead generation. In addition, Ochatbot boosts the conversation rate that grows eCommerce sales volume. offers free productivity tools for business coach, course creator, executive, entrepreneur. The book summery service tools helps to get the best business ideas to invest their precious time. The content tools help to engage team members into the community. Resources and tools speed up the coaching business.

GTmetrix is offering the best free SEO tools to measure a websites performance. It has developed a suite of features and options to make optimizing the website clear & easy.

All the features summarize the performance of a website. It analyzes webpages with Google Lighthouse for actionable insights for performance optimizations, focuses on the performance metrics to evaluate the visitors experience.

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