Dumbbell AI – First AI Motion Tracking Fitness App

About Dumbbell AI

Dumbbell AI is an engaging and interactive fitness app that uses Motion Tracking to provide a guided and gamified workout experience.

Key Features
🤖 AI Powered Rep/Set Counter – No Manual Tapping, the app counts your reps and tracks for you.
🏋️ AI Virtual Trainers – AI Generated trainers working out along side you.
📅 Workout Activity Logging – AI Powered Workout Logger
😘 Social features – Join in the Leaderboard and share your achievements with others

Reach Your Fitness Goals with Motion Tracking:
Exercise to Lose Weight, Build Muscles, Auto AI Rep Counter, Save Costs – Download Now!

What's free in Dumbbell AI

All workouts for each muscle group is free.

Is Dumbbell AI free to use?

Dumbbell AI can be used for free
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