Coggle – Create Free Collaborative Mind Maps & Flowcharts

About Coggle

Coggle is a free mind-mapping website that allows you to create and share mind maps and flow charts. It is a free, browser-based application that allows individuals or groups to take notes, brainstorm, plan, or document an idea, research, report, or other creative endeavor. It can be shared with a large number of people by inviting them and allowing them to make changes. Real-time updates are made, and every change is saved. It is a straightforward method of communicating and comprehending complex information. It is a collaborative document and a shared workspace designed to help groups and teams collaborate more effectively. The Coggle online software allows for real-time collaboration. Users can invite others to collaborate on their diagrams at the same time. A no-setup collaboration is possible by sharing a secret link with others where they can edit a diagram without logging in. Every change is saved, allowing them to go through all of the changes made to a diagram and make a copy from any point in order to revert to a previous version.

Free features in Coggle

Coggle provides a free plan to help people learn about its features. It allows for an unlimited number of public diagrams, over 1600 icons, and image uploads. Paid plans include more features, data privacy, and enterprise data control. However, all plans allow for PDF or image downloads of the diagrams. They can export as a .mm mind map or text file, as well as export for MS Visio and import other .mm and text files. It offers free templates and examples in its gallery.

Is Coggle free to use?

Coggle can be used for free
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