HippoCampus provides free educational resources to middle school students

About HippoCampus

HippoCampus lets you access thousands of courses for middle school to college students.
The courses consist of 13 subjects which are provided in the What’s Free section of this page.
Teachers can create a free account to customize the courses and present them to students

Free features in HippoCampus

There are thousands of free courses from below subjects
-Algebra & Geometry
-Calculus & Advanced Math
-Statistics & Probability
Natural Science
-Earth Science
Social Science
-History & Government

Is HippoCampus free to use?

HippoCampus can be used for free
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More Free Tools and Resources

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Responsee CSS framework and our free templates is under the MIT license and you are free
to use on anything you like. Do not forget, please, that components MFG labs icon set,
Simple Line Icons and OWL carousel have their own license terms and conditions,
which you can find on the home websites of the projects.

Do you have any free resources in mind?

We’re curating some great free online resources. Help our community with your knowledge on free resources.

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