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Do you want to host a video conference with coworkers? Hold an online happy hour with friends from across the country? Or do you want to keep in touch with an elderly family member who lives far away?
Video Conferencing Applications are the easiest way to connect with far-away loved ones, offer a face-to-face experience in your business meetings, and simply have a more meaningful conversation with someone. Whether you’re using a telepresence device or apps on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, there’s an option out there that’ll work best for you.
Today, companies and people around the world can talk with one another through video conferencing. There are many Meeting apps available to make this happen, some free and some with a yearly fee. There’s no doubt that video conferencing services are booming, but with hundreds of apps to choose from, how do you determine which one is right for you? I’ve compiled a list of seven of the most popular video calling services you probably haven’t heard of yet. The leaders in the Free group meeting apps are clear: Skype, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp dominate the messenger app space, while FaceTime (Apple devices only), Google Duo, and Skype remain the standards in video calls. But if these online meeting platforms don’t seem quite fitting for your needs, check out the alternative.
This article will review one of the best options available in the market today in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

Best video conferencing app for 3d virtual conference – Let’s Collaborate Virtually!

NextMeet® is the most efficient way to run a video conference. Take your business to the next level with photo, mind mapping, and the best video conferencing app for 3d virtual conference, screen sharing, and file sharing. Show up for the meeting, no need to install anything — it’s ready to go right away. One tap conference call and start the business meeting, discuss the project in detail no matter where you are.
It is designed for professionals, small businesses, and teams who need to collaborate and connect virtually. We offer proprietary 3D technology that lets you see the people you speak to over the phone, chat, or video conference as real-life avatars. There are lots of cool features such as HD video, a 3D virtual conference room, your own personal space in the conference room, and other benefits. You can do everything in one place. You can leave messages, see who is in the conference, or chat together with other participants when you want to take a break.

NextMeet® turns your laptop into a 3d virtual conference room –

The flexible immersive VR software

NextMeet® immersive VR software is the app for you if you want to connect in a more focused way with your co-workers and clients. Create, virtually, your conference room, meet with all of your colleagues at once by choosing them individually from the list of participants, or choose everyone to get informed about what everyone else is doing. NextMeet® 3d virtual conference platform provides you with the possibility to choose the best moments for your meetings, optimizing your efficiency at work. The app’s advanced technology will identify who’s talking to make sure that each voice can be heard throughout the meeting room by every participant. 
You can speak up as long as you want without worrying about time constraints and don’t have to worry if other people have finished speaking since you can see who’s talking and who’s listening and whether they are paying attention to you. Your colleagues will see when you start talking since there is a special icon calling their attention. You’ll be able to see them on the screen, in 3D virtual style like a meeting between co-workers face-to-face within a regular office environment; this way you’ll remember that each person has his own presence.
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The flexible immersive VR software

NextMeet immersive VR software is the app for you if you want to connect in a more focused way with your co-workers and clients.

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